Born That Way

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Impact

As Lady Gaga says ” Born This Way” or as I say “Born That Way”


Have you ever had a client just disappear out of your coaching schedule for no reason or no “I’m leaving because.”

Have you did an attendance count at a group client meeting and realized that one client hadn’t been there in two sessions?

Did you express an angry word because you are human and you never see that client again?

The issue (I have taken problem out of my vocabulary) is you as a coach think everyone is the same. They aren’t. They are a collection of their experiences.

Everyone is born unique with physiological traits and with their life experiences are WHO you are now.

In my Six Figure Visibility and Impact program,

the first step is to assess who you are and how you can communicate with your clients who are different using a Communications Skills Toolkit with more impact by knowing WHO they are…..

Can you tell how a person will react or is everyone a mystery! 🙂 #coaching #coachingbusiness #sixfigurevisibilityandimpact #coachingonline #personalitytraits