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Six Figure Visibility and Impact

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Six Figure Visibility and Impact ™ Program for Coaches, Speakers and  Consultants

Be Seen Everywhere Now!™

Time to develop your AUTHORITY CHANNEL.

Multimedia platforms for your message, marketing and for your influence showcasing your expertise.

With training and planning, a strategic Branded Authority channel makes you seen as  the Authority and Expert you are.

With strategic re-purposing you can be seen on Streaming TV, Podcast, Social Media and your website to all your Raving Fans weekly with less work if done strategically.

This Multimedia domination will result in  a continuous stream of new prospects pursuing you as your Authority and Influence grows!

Be seen as the Authority and Influencer you are!

6 Figure Visibility and Impact Program™

6 Figure Visibility and Impact Program™ 

is  for coaches, speakers and consultants who want to have more clients and more impact leading to at least $250,000 in new sales within twelve months through increasing their visibility and helping them to get more clients with strategies and systems including a scalable residual income model increasing in value to have the lifestyle they dream about. 

Stage One: Lower Pressure and Noise

In the first Stage, we train you on better communication skills with Action Plan and Toolkit to dramatically increase your inter-personal communication skills with prospects and clients while reducing your stress in your life so you are self-aware and intentional in your business. 

Stage One Finish Line: 

Completed 12 Key Assessments and you have Communication Skills Toolkit and Action Plan for better communication with your prospects and clients. 

Stage One Prize: 

You have a clear plan to reduce stress in your life, and you have the tools to better communicate with prospects and clients, leading to deeper, more impactful relationships.

Stage Two: Quick Start

In Stage Two, we help you add value and recurring revenue with new coaching strategies in your business such that with a simple but powerful Referral program you get new clients. 

Stage Two Finish Line:

Three new high value clients

Stage Two Prize:

Three new high value clients

Stage Three: Your Visibility and Authority Channel

In Stage Three, we help you  design and produce a branded, strategic TV Channel that is monetized, leveraged and re-purposed to over 10 other media channels including a podcast with a twelve month TV Channel production and marketing plan. 

Stage Three Finish Line

Your TV Channel  is created, designed, and live with three TV Shows executed  along with the setup of the  leveraged 10 media platform marketing plan.

Stage Three Prize

You have an easy Visibility and Authority TV Channel and 10 media platforms setup to bring  a continuous stream of quality prospects eagerly pursuing you while your visibility grows.

Stage Four: Launch Your Own Mastermind

In Stage Four we help you design and launch your own High Ticket Mastermind. This will primarily consist of your best Clients, and either be a local Mastermind or a Cyber Mastermind, meeting twice a month.

Stage Four Finish Line:

One hundred thousand in new sales.

Stage Four Prize:

One hundred thousand in new sales.


Stage Five: Scale to Seven Figures

In Stage Five, we focus on helping you create the Systems and System Champions to scale your business.

  1. First you develop your top three mission critical systems and turn-key them, so that your team can easily run them without you;
  2. Then you implement a Seven Figure Team Structure, including your Systems Champions to run your business efficiently;
  3. Then you repeat this process on the remaining key systems:

Areas of focus:

  • Business Operation Systems, 
  • Results Delivery Systems, 
  • Cashflow Systems, 
  • Business Support Systems, 
  • Visibility Systems, 
  • Growth and Impact Systems

You implement various techniques (depending on the nature of your business), add virtual components to training, and other techniques that will allow you to grow your income without limits.

Stage Five Finish Line:

You will have completed the Strategic Plan to be able to take you to seven figures and beyond.

Stage Five Prize:

You and your team will have generated two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales.


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