You can coach anyone!

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Coaching

If you a coach, consultant, trainer, mentor, teacher who finds that

  1. you can’t get clients to commit to your program even though you know it would be perfect for them
  2. you have clients who stay in your program only for a few months and then they disappear
  3. you have clients who fight your every suggestion and working with them is stressful

then you will find this training useful in making your relationship deeper and more fulfilling for both of you.

I will show that it is You, not them that has the challenge in working with your clients and you can improve that relationship by being Self Aware of who you are.

If you have great relationship with the clients you have and you avoid the difficult clients and you don’t want more clients then you don’t need this training.

If you want to increase the clients you have and work on having deeper communication and relationship with your clients, your team and dare i say it, even your family, come on in!

I am Jane Gardner and I am an Associate of Consulting Resource Group at which is a personal development company.

Selfish, generous, actor, thoughtless, shy, loud, quiet, (other words we label people with)

It is human to label others upon your First Impression

From prehistoric times, we had to judge another person we meet for the first time.

But how you judge people can also ruin your relationships with your clients, co-workers, family or friends.

Now according to the Emotional Intelligence Theory by recognizing and understanding how emotion in ourselves can either be negative or positive in our business so when we can read other peoples emotions and manage our own emotions, we can be more empathetic with others which leads to success. This is only one part of being successful with a client as emotion is not always the only factor when connecting with others.

If you are using Emotional Intelligence model in your business then you understand about perceiving, …. emotion , that’s great but controlling or reading emotions of your clients is not the only thing for success.

There is a myth that you should only work with clients that you can get along with …

so you meet someone and its like you’ve been friends for years.

So you self select or they select you because you connect with them and those clients or mentees who you get along with to work with …

This is not true.

You can work with clients even if you aren’t best mates or the other person irritates you or confuses you.

You don’t have to be stressed or get an ulcer because you suspend your emotions while the tension increases between the two of you as you try to be empathetic with them.

According to the Consulting Resource Group Personal Style model, you can

recognize that people are different but at the same time, we have all at our core of our being, the same four factors of personal style that when combined make us unique as well as other factors to make our personality that we will talk about in the next training.

Whereas other Personality Development theories say your personality is fixed and you can be labelled , CRG Personality Development Model says your personality changes through your life but your Personal Style pattern is at the core of your personality.

As well the model recognizes that we are born with a certain Personal Style so there is a nature basis to the nature- nurture theory of Personality development to our personality which we will talk about in the next training.

So, like 4 glasses of water each person has different levels of each trait which is different from another person.

What has this to do with being successful with your client or getting deeper relationships with your clients or being able to have anyone as a client?

With the Consulting Resource Group Personal Development model,

Each of the 4 traits have certain behavourial tendencies.

With training, you can recognize that someone has certain tendencies and you can shift yourself to complement and be more like them or “dial down” your behavioral tendencies such that your client will find it easy to be open, trust you , share more with you and have a longer relationship with you.

To summarize, the answers to questions at the beginning of this training,

  1. You can get clients to commit to your program who need it if you are willing to understand who they are and shift your personality to complement and recognize their personality.
  2. You can stop clients from disappearing out of your program if you can recognize who they are and what they need from you to be able to trust , like and be open with you.
  3. You can be self aware that if someone is fighting or being resistant to your suggestions that you have to celebrate the difference in personality and recognize and pull back your personality and shift to accommodate how their personality works when learning.